Quickly take attendance

Start a meeting and open the website. Watch the attendance update live.

Instant setup

Just install the plugin, create an account, and start a meeting. It's that simple.

The benefits of using Ease Attendance

Using Ease, you can save around to 5-10 minutes every time you take attendance. This can add up to an hour a day! With Ease, you now have up to 5 extra hours every school week that you can spend on class activities. We know how precious class time is during this pandemic, so don't let something as arbitrary as taking attendance take away from education.

Intuitive UI

Ease Attendance features an easy to use user interface so anyone can get started within minutes


Your data is safe with us

Keeping students safe

The only data that we receive about students are their names. When received, these names are immediately encrypted and stored in a secure database. Only after the data is sent to the meeting host, is it then decrypted using their unique credentials

In accordance with FERPA regulations

All data stored on students are not accessible to anyone but the teacher. Even the Ease Attendance team cannot get the names of students from our database

State of the art security and encryption

All data sent in and out of our website uses industry standard TLS and HTTPS protocols. All user credential information stored on the user is encrypted using Google's encryption method in our database. The passwords for all of our users are never saved. All student names are encrypted using state of the art AES encryption and can only be decrypted by the teacher

Powerful filters

Filter your participants by present, absent, left meeting, and not registered

Fast search

Quickly search a student in your participant list to view their attendance

Past meetings

View past meeting records to look back on the attendance of previous meetings

Get started

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